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The Alaska Collectors’ Club (ACC) is dedicated to developing a wider interest in the study of and preservation of Alaska’s Postal History. Our journal, The Alaskan Philatelist, and our periodic auctions are our primary resources. In addition, one of our long-term members, Dirk van Gelderen, created and maintains an on-line catalog of Alaska Statehood Postmarks (January 3, 1959 through December 31, 1999) that you can access and use without charge. Another prominent member, Eric Knapp, has published two Alaska Philatelic Cover Catalogs. Volume 1 catalogs those covers issued by the Anchorage Philatelic Society. Volume 2 lists covers produced by the Alaska Collectors’ Club, Gastineau Philatelic Society, and the Northern Lights Stamp Club.

The ACC is American Philatelic Society Affiliate No. 218. Our membership is very diverse. Women, men, citizens of different nations, people of all ages, income levels, and from many different occupations belong to the ACC. Most of our members also have other Alaska related interests such as Alaskan art, trade tokens, books, stock certificates, jewelry, photography, politics, and the world famous Iditarod and Yukon Quest dog sled races. A list of the major membership Interest Categories, taken from our membership application, is found at the end of this article.


William A. “Bill” Rolke of St. Paul, Minnesota, was ACC Member No. 1, and the first editor of our journal. Volume 1, Number 1 of The Alaskan Collector was issued in mimeographed form on January 12, 1959. Much like today, Rolke observed that the 29 original members had almost as many interests as there were members. Volume 2, Number 1, dated January 15, 1960, first used the title The Alaskan Philatelist — and the membership had already grown to 61 paid-up members!

Outside of some sporadic gatherings of a few members at various philatelic events, the ACC does not hold regular conventions or meetings because our membership is so widely spread over the globe. Our journal, The Alaskan Philatelist, has been our main contact medium. In the future, we expect our web site to play an ever-increasing role in our organization. Over the years since 1959, the ACC has survived a scandal or two, and even roared back to life after a prolonged period of inactivity about 20 years ago. Today, we are a healthy organization that would welcome YOU to our membership!

Alaska Collectors’ Club Membership Interest Categories:

  1. Alaska Postal History
  2. Territorial Era
  3. Statehood Era
  4. APO’s (Military sites in Alaska)
  5. FPO’s (Navy sites in Alaska)
  6. Aerophilately
  7. Dog Team Mail
  8. Postcards
  9. DPO’s (Discontinued Post Offices)
  10. RPO’s (Ocean & River Steamer Mail)
  11. First/Last Day Post Office Cancels/Covers
  12. Maritime Mail
  13. Expeditions & Explorations
  14. Arctic Mail
  15. FDC’s (Alaskan First Day Covers)
  16. Yukon Territory Postmarks & Covers
  17. Numismatics
  18. Literature
  19. General History
  20. Geography & Maps
  21. Exhibiting
  22. Writing
  23. Alaska Precancels
  24. Other (Specify)

Legal Aspects

The Alaska Collectors’ Club (“The ACC”) is a voluntary, non-profit organization. The ACC does not assure or endorse the accuracy of the information presented on this web site, in The Alaskan Philatelist, or in any other ACC educational or promotional materials. While the ACC strives to present accurate information on this site and in its publications, it is still the responsibility of each individual user to verify the accuracy of all such information. The use of ACC-presented information is to be undertaken on a voluntary basis only.

The ACC reserves all rights to copyright the contents of this web site, and all ACC publications, to the fullest extent allowed by law. The owners of privately owned postal markings, covers, etc. pictured or illustrated on this site or in ACC publications also retain their own private property and/or copyright interests.

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Questions about reproducing ACC web site articles, etc. should be directed to the ACC Webmaster.

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